In 1965, He Gave His Last 80 Dollars To Save This Horse’s Life. What Happened Next Shocked The World

They almost never met. On a snowy day in 1956, a beat-up gray plow horse was for sale at the horse auction. A poor farmer, Harry de Leyer, was driving a rickety car though a snowstorm on his way to the horse auction. The man got a flat tire. By the time he arrived, the auction was over.

Nobody wanted the beat-up horse. Nobody, except the killer buyer. The horse was already loaded onto the truck, bound for the slaughterhouse. But Harry saw the horse looking at him and he gave his last eighty dollars to save the animal’s life. He named the horse “Snowman”.

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Snowman was a kind, sweet horse whose only aim was to please. Although his life started out rough due to abusive treatment, eventually he learned to trust people and became a great, versatile riding horse.

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Harry had a secret dream. Snowman had a hidden talent.

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Together they made history.

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They won hundreds of ribbons. Snowman became a champion.

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They appeared on television and in Life Magazine. They showed the world that sometimes dreams can come true.

Sadly, Snowman crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 21.

“Over the last few years of his life, he was no longer sound to ride, but he enjoyed standing out in the front yard, serving as our official greeter to visitors. Recently he had been having great difficulty walking, laying down, and getting up, until he finally could no longer stand,” Harry said in a statement.

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“Although it was a hard decision we made the humane choice to relieve his pain. In his final moments, he was surrounded by the love of his best friends, both horse and human,” he concluded.

Now, filmmaker Ron Davys released a documentary about the rags-to-riches story of Snowman and his trainer, Harry de Leyer.

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