'Dad, Look What I Found!' Fearless Little Girl Pulls Big Snake Out Of The Ground

While exploring beaver Island in Lake Michigan with her dad, little Ariana, decided to check a pile of dead branches at the edge of the water. Coming across something in the muddy grass, she yells “dad, look what I found!” Dad, who was recording their adventure, turns the camera on her as she reaches to the ground and pulls out a huge snake like no big deal!

Unfazed by the fearsome creature in her hands, the little girl proudly flaunts her catch. As you can see the video below, she appears to try and hand it to her father, who doesn’t reach out for it.

The footage has gone viral and some users were quick to criticise the father’s parenting.

One wrote: “What kind of parent carries on shooting a video of their child picking up a snake? Even if it is not venomous it’s likely to bite.”

Another commented: “Parent of the year, next time she won’t be afraid of a poisonous one.”

How would you react in this situation? Do you think the father was irresponsible?

Watch, and please SHARE your thoughts in the comment section below.

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