After Being Saved From A Fire In 1998, University Graduate Reunites With Officer Who Had Saved Her

There’s a reason these two photos have been capturing the hearts of those who hear of their story.

(LEFT) Patrolman Getz rescuing Josibelk Aponte from a fire in 1998. (RIGHT) 18 years later, the two had reunited at Aponte’s graduation from Eastern Connecticut State University. (Photo // Getz)

In 1998, Officer Peter Getz had sprung into action after a fire began tearing through a Connecticut apartment building. The fire was spreading fast and had already claimed a life. As the fire continued to roar, Officer Getz had grasped a Josibelk Aponte, a 5-year-old girl who was on the brink of death. She had gone into cardiac arrest.

Although Getz had begun performing CPR on the girl, medics had not arrived on the scene yet to treat her. Officer Getz and his partner knew time was running out for the young girl – they sped her to the hospital while Officer Getz stabilized her in the back seat of the cruiser. Although injured, she was finally safe thanks to him and other first responders on the scene.

When Aponte awoke after the incident, she was surrounded by her loved ones and those who had saved her, according to the Hartford Courant.

“I almost died, but I was given a second chance at life,” Aponte said. “And it was because of Peter and all the authorities, everyone who came to help that day.”

Since then, the two had been kept in touch. About 18 years had passed, and that’s when Aponte reached out to Getz – she was about to graduate from Eastern Connecticut State University with honors. Getz, now a retired investigator, knew that this was a moment he couldn’t miss.

The two had reunited in a precious moment.

“It’s one of those things that touches your heart and stays with you,” Getz told the Hartford Courant. “It’s a situation that we could control, that we could foresee the outcome of. The firemen did their job, I did my job, the hospital staff did their job. As a result, we still have a beautiful young woman still on the face of the Earth.”

Sometimes, the two still meet over coffee or a meal – it’s hard not to be close to someone who had selflessly saved your life.

These two photos show the impact our first responders make in everyday life. Even if we may not always see it, the work they do is impeccable and life changing. Please SHARE this heart-touching story with your friends and family!

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