Son Of Late Deputy Given His Squad Car After Stranger Buys It In Auction

When Tanner was just 15 years old, his father had died in the line of duty after a police chase. The loss of the father was a heavy weight to bear for the entire family, especially for Tanner and his brother, Chase. It certainly took time to recover.

That was back in 2010, and they now wanted to get one his father’s treasured belongings while he was on duty – his retired squad car. It would soon be on auction. Tanner had wanted something more than pictures and memories, and acquiring the last tangible thing connected to his father meant everything to him.

Tanner has started a GoFundMe campaign so he would have enough money to buy the car valued at $12,500 by Kelly Blue Book. People donated from all around to ensure that Tanner could buy the car.

Although Tanner was the first to bid at $2,500, other bids began to outweigh his budget, and even the value of the car. Once the final bid stopped at $60,000, Tanner knew the car was gone for good, and he was devastated. A local farmer had bought the car.

However, the moment the farmer was handed the keys, he does something that left Tanner and his family in tears:

What an amazing act by the farmer!

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