Father Ends Police Chase On His Own After Suspect Nearly Runs Over Kids While On The Run

The last thing a parent could ever want is to see their children in danger because of someone else’s negligent behavior. That’s why father Bryson Rowley took matters into his own hands when this teen fleeing from police sped through a park with children playing.

There were about 15 children at the park in Syracuse, Utah when a 14-year-old boy, who had stolen his grandfather’s car, sped past them all. Although most got out of the way early on, three came too close to comfort. Luckily, no one was injured – one wrong move on the grass could have changed all that.

The 14-year-old suspect had originally stolen the car for a joyride, and to drive back to his home about three hours away. It wasn’t long before police initiated a traffic stop. The driver did not stop.

After speeding through neighborhoods, the teen decided to make a break through the park. The police officers decided to temporarily call off the chase, fearing the endangerment it might bring to anyone there. Despite this, it didn’t stop the teen from going close to 40 mph over the grass.

According to FOX 13, that’s when father Bryson Rowley got into his truck and hit the stolen car to help nab the suspect. The small Hyundai car stood no chance against the Dodge Ram.

The 14-year-old was soon put behind bars in a detention facility for stealing the car and putting the children at the park in such grave danger.

Luckily for Rowley, news of his heroic act had spread locally. Bryan Ellison, co-owner of West Valley Carstar, worked with other local companies to repair and upgrade Rowley’s truck – all for free.

Bryson Rowley received quite a bit of recognition for his heroic act in stopping the driver. Bryan Ellison, co-owner of West Valley Carstar, saw the story on the news and decided to help Rowley fix his truck… and to give him a bit of an upgrade as well. (Photo // KSL.com)

“Some people would have been selfish and not wanted to risk their truck, but he wasn’t – and like I said before, you can’t replace kids, and if something were to happen to my kids I would be devastated,” Ellison said.

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