Retired Veteran Denied Multiple Jobs Because Of Service Dog, Local Lowe's Hires Them Both

Retired Air Force veteran Clay Luthy was turned away from mulpiple jobs since he had to have his service dog, Charlotte, by his side at all times. Thankfully, Luthy and his dog have finally found a place that allows Luthy and Charlotte to work together.

Recently Judy Dechert Rose, a Lowe’s customer in Abilene, Texas, took the photo and posted it on social media with a caption that showed just how heartwarming his story was.

It reads:

“This is a retired vet who struggled to get a job because he needs his service dog! Lowe’s hired them BOTH!!”

Clay Luthy is a retired Air Force vet who goes everywhere with his service dog Charlotte. He took Charlotte when he interviewed for the job at Lowe’s – it went tremendously well, according to the store’s human resources manager, Jay Fellers.

“We didn’t realize he was having a difficult time finding a job,” said Fellers. “He applied here and went through a normal interview process, and brought Charlotte in as part of the interview. He told us about Charlotte, and how she supports him. He ended up being our top candidate.”

“If someone is a good worker, it shouldn’t matter if they have a service dog. But in our case, it’s been an absolute benefit to have Charlotte around,” Fellers said. “She’s a great hit with the folks who come around our store, especially the kids. Our customers really love and appreciate her. It’s been a good time having them as part of our staff.”

Lowe’s seems to set a standard on how we should treat people, with equal respect. Giving everyone the same opportunities to work, even if they do have a service dog.

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