14-Year-Old Girl Buys A House For $12,000, Leaves Everyone Stunned With Next Move

For most 14-year-olds, thinking about anything that interferes with their ‘busy’ high school and social schedules is a monumental task. But the girl you’re about to meet is unlike any other 14-year-old. Although she’s still in high school, her amazing story of entrepreneurial success is blowing minds all over the country.

Meet Willow Tufano. At 14, she already owns a home. When she’s cutting the lawn, people assume she’s doing chores for her parents when in reality, she’s a dedicated landlord! Not only did this amazing teenager buy her own house and renovate it herself, she’s renting!

Willow Tufano

The savvy teenager started out by selling unwanted video games and electronics on sites like Craigslist and Kijiji until she had saved a whopping $6000 dollars. That was an impressive thing, but it was her next move that stunned everyone.

Instead of using her money for a shopping spree (like many teens would), Willow went shopping in real estate, an ambitious undertaking for most adults, let alone someone so young.

Willow Tufano / Facebook

She came across a house listed at $100,000, which is a steal for the three-bedroom home. However, as the market in her Florida town took a dive, she took advantage and got her house for an astonishing $12,000! Yup, a bright future awaits for her.

The house was a steal for the price she purchased it at and she still managed to get a stellar rent rate from her tenants. She is renting her house for $700 per month, making one heck of a profit.

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