This Video Of A Newborn Baby Walking Is Leaving Jaws On The Floor

Have you ever seen a newborn baby walking? In a viral video circulating on Facebook, a newborn baby appears to be “walking” just after birth! Of course, a nurse can be seen helping the newborn baby girl. Still, it’s quite amazing to watch.

Someone posted a video of a newborn baby girl in Brazil moving her legs forward as if to take steps while being held up. The video on Facebook has more than 90 million views but was recently taken down. We could not locate the original source video of the newborn baby walking, but below is the original footage as seen on YouTube.

Exclamations of “Oh my gosh, the girl is walking, good gracious!” can be heard, according to a translation. Another (translated) exclamation of “merciful father, I was trying to wash her here and she keeps getting up to walk” can be heard later.

While many have exclaimed this to be a miracle for the newborn, medical experts have pointed out that this behavior is somewhat normal. They describe these movements as “newborn reflexes”, where certain actions cause certain reactions. If anything, this means that the baby is healthy and normal.

Nonetheless, it’s still amazing to see. Pass it on!

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