3rd Grade Student Punished For Trying To Feed Hungry Classmate, Sends Uproar Through Internet

What would you expect a teacher to do when a student wants to feed a classmate who’s always hungry? Let the student give another a meal? Perhaps buy lunch for the hungry student as a kind gesture? Well, this teacher’s decision went in the opposite direction, and it’s getting everyone on the web furious.

A 3rd grade student offered an always hungry classmate a Lunchable, a prepackaged meal for kids. It’s clear that the student offering a meal has a big heart. Keep in mind that 3rd graders are typically 8-years-old or 9-years-old.

That’s when the teacher stepped in to intervene. Not only did she stop the student from handing over the Lunchable, she handed the student a detention notice. The student would have to take it home to his/her parents.

When mom got the note, she almost couldn’t believe her eyes. She refused to sign the detention notice for what was written on it. The detention slip reads:

“(Student’s name) brought a Lunchable for another student and was sneaky when telling him.”

Noticeably, the checkmark boxes for “Problem Behavior” is checked for other with no written-in reason. Underneath the explanation portion is the discipline taken – a 1 hour detention.

Not allowing students to give each other meals because of allergies is reasonable, but punishing the student instead of explaining the risks involved? That’s the problem here.

Others have also commented on how disappointed they are with the treatment of children in current school systems. One firefighter responded in an online post:

“I hate the school system sometimes. I’m a firefighter and our department went to the local elementary school one day for fire prevention week to show the kids our trucks. We decided we would eat with the kids, because what a cool experience right? Anyways we get in and sit at the table with the kids and we notice a couple of students sitting at desks with large dividers up on the opposite side of the cafeteria so they can have no interaction.

I asked one of the teachers why that was to which he replied “that student didn’t have enough money for lunch, so he gets a cheese sandwich and has to sit by himself”. I responded with “the kid looks like he is maybe 6 or 7 years old, why is he being punished for lack of funds? Get on to the parents”. They stated “It’s not the parents responsibility, it’s the child’s”.

Am I missing something here? What if the kid comes from a family that literally can not afford to feed him right now? We punish the kid for that? Now this, a student trying to help a student who doesn’t have food…. Ridiculous…”

Others have also responded on how disgusted they are with this punishment, and how more people need to know to prevent events like this from happening again.

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