Driver Who Lost License 39 Times Ends Teen’s Life After Hit-And-Run, Her Punishment Is Infuriating

A woman driving without her license was caught late last year after she fatally struck a New Jersey teenager and fled the scene. She was recently sentenced to probation as a result, despite having her license suspended more than 30 times in the past. The parents of the late teenager were furious.

According to the Camden County Prosecuter’s Officer, 41-year-old Susan Hyland is now serving 5-years probation following the hit-and-run that ended 16-year-old Quason Turner’s life.

Turner’s family and friends have objected the sentence. They have stated that Hyland, who had been driving without a license, should receive a more ‘deserving’ sentence – actual prison time.

Susan Hyland after being arrested. (Photo // Michelle Caffrey via NJ)

Hyland’s niece secretly called 911 following the incident, leading to the arrest. If it had not been for that call, there’s no telling what might have happened.

The late Quason Turner was leaving a friend’s house at night and had crossed a roadway when the crash occurred. Turner was a sophomore at Pennsauken High School, and was part of both the football and field hockey teams. Turner had finished a shift at the Cherry Hill Mall earlier that night, and had simply visited a friend before leaving towards home.

Hyland was charged with second-degree leaving the scene of a fatal motor vehicle accident, third-degree endangering an injured victim and third-degree causing death while driving with a suspended or revoked license.

Hyland’s sentence also stipulates 20 years in prison should the probation should be violated. Hyland, according to, had considered “destroying the striking vehicle and allegedly attempted to flee the scene when police” arrived to arrest her.

Many have commented on the web about her sentence, saying that she should be locked behind bars for good.

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