United Airlines Employee Pushes A 71-Year-Old Man To The Ground In Shocking Footage

United Airlines appears to be on the defensive again after this video from 2015 has finally emerged. After the incident with a doctor being violently dragged off the plane in April, the hate against United only seems to be growing.

This latest video shows a 71-year-old Ronald Tigner being pushed down to the ground by a United Airlines employee. While at the Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport, security footage captured the moment an apparent confrontation between the two occurred.

Now, Tigner had filed a $1 million lawsuit against United for their actions seen in the video.

The alleged argument, according to Tigner’s attorney, was over a boarding pass. The attorney also says that Tigner hit his head on the ground – he was was knocked unconscious.

No one came to Tigner’s aid for almost a full minute. As United employees stand near his nearly motionless body, a good samaritan finally comes to his aid before requesting emergency personnel.

Here is the video:

According to USA Today, KPRC obtained the audio of the 911 call that ensured that day. The person identified as a United employee calls to report the incident. During the call, the employee claims that they do not know how the man fell down.

United has acknowledged the incident in a statement to USA Today regarding the incident:

“We have seen the video from 2015 that shows completely unacceptable behavior by a United employee,” United said in the statement. “This employee was terminated from United in August 2015 following the incident. The conduct shown here does not reflect our values or our commitment to treat all of our customers with respect and dignity. We are taking a thorough look into what happened here and reaching out to our customer to profusely apologize for what occurred and to make this right.”

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