Instant Justice: Watch Undercover Cop Stop Robbery In Progress In Less Than 60 Seconds

After scoping out the scene for quite some time, a robber thought he was going to have an easy time robbing this post office right before it closed. Unbeknownst to him, an undercover officer was right around the corner to put him in handcuffs.

A Cherry Treasury policeman nearby knew something was awry when a masked man rushed into a post office one late Thursday evening. The undercover cop was about 20 meters away when the masked man ran inside.

In the video, the post office can be seen void of any customers – with only five minutes until closing for the night, the two employees there began performing their closing duties.

Both employees were focused their routine actions of counting cash and closing any records on the computers – they were caught off guard when a masked man in a black-gray jacket barged through the front door. He headed to the counter, shouting: “Give me the money!”

The robber’s timing was impeccable from the employee’s perspective – the safe right under the counter was wide open.

“I remember he had a black gun in his hand. I just saw his eyes. He yelled out, ‘Give me the money, give me money, this is a robbery!’ And he headed to the front of the counter,” one employee told investigators.

As the robber began to pick up the money handed over the counter, he placed his gun on the adjacent counter. That’s when an undercover police officer rushed in to put a stop to the robbery.

The robber submits with little resistance. A security camera captured it all on tape (no audio):

Soon, the robber was laying on the floor in handcuffs. The time from the beginning of the robbery to the arrest was under 60 seconds – it’s safe to say that this officer did a wonderful job.

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