Aid Worker Runs Through ISIS Fire To Rescue Girl, Saving Her Life

David Eubank may be one of the bravest aid workers in the world. This video proves just that.

Mosul is the last place most people want to be – it’s reported to be one of the most dangerous places in the world. Despite that, David Eubank and his family moved in from America to save the families that remain.

Eubank is a former Green Beret and was working with Iraqi and U.S. forces on the ground to help the families devastated by the war. However, this situation was far different than normal.

Amongst many of the victims of the grisly scene, a little girl was spotted hiding underneath the gunfire.

“I see what turns out to be about 70 dead bodies – woman, children, guys in wheelchairs – and then a little girl, sitting next to her dead mother. Hiding under the black hijab,” Eubank told CBS.

As ISIS militants rained gunfire towards Iraqi and U.S. forces, Eubank knew the girl’s time was running out. With the help of the soldiers with him, Eubank rushed in and out to rescue the girl. He grasped the girl under the cover of protective smoke – all under 12 seconds.

It was all caught on video:

“It makes me want to cry every time I see the picture because I think she made it, she made it,” Eubank said.

A general who helped save the girl decided to adopt her. (Photo // CBS News)

“If your kid was out there, wouldn’t you want someone else to help them, someone to rescue them, to give them the opportunity to live,” daughter Sahale said.

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