Five Reasons Why Dating A Beautiful Woman Could Be A Bad Idea

Men greatest weakness is a visually satisfying woman. But you can’t blame them for being superficial visual creatures. They are hardwired that way… or are they?

Well, as a man, I think this ‘hardwired’ thing is just a bunch of malarkey. An excuse to hide the fact that we are defenseless when faced with an incredibly beautiful woman.

There’s nothing like walking around with a goddess. But these five things might make you reconsider trying to date a stunner:

1. You may worry about  other guys trying to sleep with her
Can you even blame them? Her beauty is what attracted you to her in the first place. So you know  that basically everywhere she goes, guys will be coming up with excuses to be close to her. Do you want that kind of stress?

2. You may be easily manipulated
Yes, you will always try to please her, and may not be able to ever say no. Let’s face it, dating a very beautiful woman is like fighting an uneven battle. You will surrender every time.

3. You may become insecure
Nothing is less attractive to women than insecurity in men, so this may well be the death knell for your relationship. But you will wonder if people are thinking “what she’s doing with a regular guy like you.

4. You’ll have trouble trusting her and may become jealous and possessive
All of us have a little jealousy lurking within, and if you never encountered it before, you probably will once you’re dating a very beautiful woman. This is no reflection on her — this one’s all you, buddy. She may be honest to a fault, but you’re more likely to struggle with trust issues if she’s a stunner. Jealousy, second-guessing may take over you.

5. You may stay with her for the wrong reasons
Her beauty may cause you to overlook any serious personality flaws that she may have. You will find yourself justifying the fact that she is an egomaniac or unfaithful, for example, just so you can stay with her.

That said, I am not implying that men should avoid dating beautiful women. Just beware of your vulnerabilities when trying to pick up a goddess as life partner.

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