You Can Now Exercise AND Wash Laundry With This Amazing Eco-Friendly Bicycle

Some days, it feels like the list of household chores is never-ending, and the motivation to accomplish them totally depleted. But now, thanks to an invention designed by engineering students at Dalian Nationalities University in China, you can check exercise and laundry washing off your to-do list.

Introducing the Bike Washing Machine (or BiWa). This innovative gadget is a human-powered washing machine that encourages you to multitask and conserve water while boosting your fitness in a fun, efficient way.

The Bike Washing Machine encourages you to conserve energy and get fit while completing household tasks.

The pedals help spin and rotate the front wheel, which is actually a clothing drum. And, any excess energy created by burning off calories is used to power a display screen that keeps the cyclist aware of the wash cycle’s progress.

The most common complaint today is that people just ‘don’t have enough time.’ This neat invention not only frees up extra minutes, it inspires you to get active while completing household chores.

And when your kids or your hubby have excess energy to burn off, have them cycle, too, as excess energy can be stored for a subsequent use.

For college students and families on a budget, the bike can save money long-term as there are fewer trips to the laundromat as well as less time spent trekking across town.

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