8-Year-Old Girl Saves Baby Brother From Kidnapper

This video starts of with one of the many fears any parent has – a kidnapper had snatched a 22-month-old toddler from a playground nearby the baby-sitter’s home. He ran down the street, toddler in arms.

The kidnapper thought he was about to have a clean getaway until the toddler’s siblings came screaming in pursuit. The 8-year-old girl, Delisha, and 10-year-old boy, Brendan, followed as fast as they could, trying to get the attention of anyone in their small town of just 500 people.

Soon, some teenagers saw them running by. You know something’s gone terribly wrong when a grown man carrying a toddler runs down an alley, just to get away from a little girl who’s crying for help. The teenagers called the police immediately.

The kidnapper began to panic as the chase continued, and dropped the boy in a vacant lot. He escaped, but the toddler was now safe and sound, all thanks to big sister and big brother.

These two kids are heroes! Kids can be the incredibly brave at times, especially when it comes to saving their siblings.

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