Police Officers Buy, Deliver Groceries To Elderly Man Who Had Not Eaten In 2 Days

Nowadays, life can get so chaotic and busy, it can be hard to find a single minute to yourself. Still, these kindhearted police officers went above the call of duty to turn their attention and spare time to help someone in need.

The Mt. Pleasant Police Department in Tennessee received a heartbreaking call on a Saturday morning from an elderly man – he told a 911 dispatcher that he had not eaten in two days. That’s when four officers dug into their own pockets to provide for this starving man.

After hearing of the incident, Officers Brian Gray, Buddy Odom, Nathan Bolton and Adam Runions made a trip to the grocery store and bought $160 worth of food to deliver to the elderly man’s home.

“All four got together and they went out and bought this man a month’s worth of groceries out of their own pocket,” Lt. Det. Terry Chandler told INSIDE EDITION.


Photos of the officers bringing groceries to the old man quickly went viral, with many commending the men for their selfless actions. As soon as they reached the man’s home, they stored it all for him as well.

“This is an elderly man who is on oxygen. He gets his Social Security check loaded onto his (debit) card every month and that’s how he gets by,” Chandler said.

According to the police, the card had been stolen earlier that month, leaving the elderly man with nothing to buy food with. A former caretaker was arrested in connection with the incident.


“We’re a small community. Our officers, including myself, if we see someone broke down on the side of the road and they’ve got a flat tire, we stop and change the tire ourselves,” Chandler said.

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