Veteran Amputee Trains Little Boy With One Leg. But Watch When The Camera Zooms Out

Diego Mercado, 10, was born without a right leg and with only two fingers on his right hand. But that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his dream of being a soldier, just like his dad.

Diego has his own Army fatigues, regularly pals around with veterans and even trains like a soldier — doing push-ups, lifting weights, flipping tires and more. He is now inspiring veterans across the country.

In March,the 10-yer-old and his father, Captain Jason Mercado, 34, started Team Diego, a non-profit organization to help provide financial support to wounded veterans and also children with disabilities.

“A lot of times vets come back and feel like they don’t have any self-worth,” Diego’s dad said. “So if they can inspire kids like Diego, it helps. And Diego doesn’t see that they’re injured. He sees, hey, they have a leg like mine!”

U.S. veterans often go the extra mile to serve our country even here at home. Jose Sanchez recently heard about the young boy and immediately made arrangements to train him.

In the video below, which was posted on Instagram, you can hear Sanchez giving commands, “Get up! Push it! Push It! Push It!” to Diego as they push a huge tire down the road.

Well done soldiers!!

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