Hospital Camera Catches Mom Doing The UNTHINKABLE To Sick Son, Gets Arrested

A mother from Kermit, West Virginia, has been arrested after she was caught on camera removing feces from her son’s colostomy bag and injecting the matter into her son’s intravenous drip, endangering his life. The mother, Candida Fluty, could face up to eight years in prison.

According to hospital staff, Fluty’s son suffers from a rare disorder known as Hirschsprung’s disease, which hinders the muscles involved in bowel movements. He was recovering from a surgery required to deal with the condition at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Fluty’s actions appear to have exacerbated her son’s symptom.

Authorities believe that Candida Fluty suffers from Münchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP), Daily Mail reported. This mental illness could explain her bizarre attempts to worsen her son’s illness.

MBPS is defined as a mental disorder or behavior pattern in which the caregiver (typically the mother) fabricates or induces health problems on those they are responsible for. Persons afflicted with MBPS use their caretaker role to receive attention or sympathy.

“We’re just thankful the hospital caught this before the child was killed. We don’t believe her intent was to kill the child. We believe her intent was to make him sick, and she succeeded,” Prosecutor Joseph Deters said.

ABC 9 news picked up the story in the video below:

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