90-Year-Old WWII Veteran Able To Get His Home Back After Being Evicted

WWII Veteran Johnie Hodges was a devoted husband that was willing to do anything for his wife, Flora. The two spent a wonderful 60 years together when time took its’ toll. After his wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Johnie put everything he had on the line to make sure his wife got the best treatment possible. Unfortunately, that meant putting his mortgage payments on hold.

Unfortunately a few years later Flora passed away. Things didn’t get any better for Johnie after that. His bank told him he’d be evicted from his house and had to evacuate.

Johnie fought to keep his house. Officers came to his home and tried to convince him to leave but Johnie wouldn’t comply. Sadly, the officers were forced to take the veteran out on a stretcher.

Johnie’s story soon went viral, which caused the community to want to help. A local, Greg Elwood, set up a GoFundMe account so Johnie could get his house back. The initial goal was to get $50,000, but it was quickly surpassed when they ended up raising over $100,000.

Greg Elwood said, “I have a tremendous amount of respect for the greatest generation and just felt really compelled to help out a veteran who had just been evicted from his home.”

The 90-year-old was able to get his home back. The day he moved back, he was greeted by neighbors, strangers, and other veterans, to show respect for Johnie.

Watch the video below.

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