ALERT: If You See A Check Like This From Walmart, Here’s What It Means

It seems crooks never run out of ideas to try to scam people out of their money. Their new scheme involves the most popular retailer in America, Walmart, and it could truly ruin people’s lives if they are not careful.

The Illinois Sheriff’s Department has just issued a warning to the public about a new scheme where a victim receives a letter in the mail with a check. The letter reportedly tells the recipient that they have been accepted into the “Quality Control” at Walmart. It goes on to inform them of their new “responsibilities.”

Chicago PD

Along with the letter is a check that supposedly needs to be activated by using a supplied user ID and password. Once the check is activated, the person is to deposit the check into their bank account to begin shopping and participating in the program. Once the recipient tries to deposit it into their bank account, the thugs responsible have access to their bank account.

Chicago PD

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