Young Aerosmith Fan With Down Syndrome Sees Steven Tyler At A Drugstore, Then Gets Invited To His Concert

A young man had the best day of his life. Who would’ve known it would come from a random encounter at the local drugstore.

Anthony Yofrido has down syndrome and he loves Aerosmith. He knew the band was coming to town but was unable to purchase tickets because they were sold out.

One day Anthony and his mom, Diane, went to the local drugstore to pick up some medication when they noticed someone familiar. His mom said, “I’m looking at him and I know his face, but I couldn’t think of his name.” But Anthony did. “He goes, ‘Oh, my God! Steven Tyler, is that you?’”

Anthony couldn’t hold in his excitement and went up to his idol and gave him a huge hug. Steven returned the hug and asked him if he was going to see their show that night.

Disappointed, Anthony told Steven that he was unable to get tickets because they were sold out. That’s when Anthony’s day would get a million times better. Steven said, Oh, don’t worry about that, you guys are coming with me. I’ll get you backstage passes.”

That’s not even where the surprise ends. Watch the video below and see what made this unbelievable day even greater for Anthony.

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