Stray Dogs Get Offered Their First Hug Ever, Their Reactions Say It All

Dogs who have a home know how the tender loving care from their human companions feels – its clear that man’s best friend views us the same way. However, for a stray on the streets, the lack of embrace leaves them untrusting and scared. Life is hard for a dog without a home.

This young man’s attempt to change that is raising a lot of eyebrows. He has two of his own dogs at home who he loves very much. That’s when he got the idea of doing something for those who have never felt the way his dogs do. He wrote online (translated):

“I began socialize with each stray dog – through both spoken and body language. I got to know each one: some barked, some were very scared, some where very friendly. Nonetheless, I hugged it out with each dog, one at a time.

Some of the strays are confused about this gesture, but they agreed to hug anyway. Some ended up trying to hug me repeatedly. Some even settled down to sleep in my arms.”

Although these dogs were skeptical at first, their entire demeanor changed once they were in his arms. Watch the amazing video below:

Please Share this moment with a friend – it sure put a smile on my face.

Note: he mentions that it requires experience and care to approach these dogs properly, and that you shouldn’t try to imitate him without the same experience.

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