Cashier's Small Act Of Kindness Pays Back In Monumental Way, Shows Importance Of Compassion

Travis Sattler, a cashier at Freddy’s Steak-burgers, went out of his way to help a young boy who was a couple dollars short of making a purchase. In turn, Travis received a tip beyond expectations and a note that will have a place in his heart forever.

The boy came to the counter, fidgeting with coins and a couple one’s in hopes that he had enough for the minty dessert offered at Freddy’s. However, realizing that he may be short, the boy became nervous and ended just handing everything he had over to Sattler.

Sattler knew the boy was a couple dollars short of the advertised price – he decided to cover the boy’s purchase himself. He then handed back the money back to the young boy. At least to Sattler, showing kindness to the boy at the cost of a few dollars is definitely worth it.

Just a few moments later, the boy and his mother walked out the door, but not before handing Sattler a written note on a receipt. It reads, with a smiley face at the end:

“Thank for being so nice and paying for my concrete. We need more people like you.”

Wrapped in the receipt was a $100 bill – almost a 5000% percent tip for covering the cost of the dessert. It’s clear that the mother was appreciative of the cashier’s act of kindness. He knew he made a good impact on their day. It certainly puut a smile on Sattler’s face for the rest of the day when they did the same.

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