7-Year-Old Girl Wears New Prosthetic Leg On The Playground, Results In Beautiful Reaction From Friends

Anu, a seven-year-old girl with an amputated leg, had walked out to the playground with her new prosthetic blade for the first time. As her friends had never seen it before, their reactions and genuine happiness for Anu can only be described as beautiful.

When Anu was a newborn, she had to have her leg amputated. Now, thanks to this prosthetic, Anu can freely run and dance with her friends on the playground. As she walks out to show her friends the prosthetic blade for the first time, everyone gathers around to celebrate this wonderful moment. Watch it below:

Thanks to the additional funding for England’s Nation Health Service (NHS), new research and development of advanced prosthetics for children was made possible. As a result, Anu’s family was able to provide her with the prosthetic blade so that she may walk and play to her heart’s content.

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