Angry Pedestrian Too Busy Yelling At Driver To Avoid Embarrassing Moment

Sometimes, it’s best to take life easy and calm – it can save yourself a headache (literally).

A driver in Adelaide, Australia captured a quite peculiar moment as a short-tempered pedestrian crossed the road in front of him. As seen in the dash cam video below, the driver approached a red light as soon as an older gentleman began walking across the intersection.

The older man thought the driver approached a little to fast before stopping, so he decided to give a piece of his mind in the form of mocking gestures and explicative statements. All the while, the dog along his side doesn’t seem to notice a thing.

However, all of that raging and hand gestures distracted the pedestrian – he ended up walking into a pole. This further enraged the man, who shifted his rage back onto the driver (who can’t help but start laughing).

Instant karma for being a bit of a jerk? What do you think?

While drivers should be more careful as they approach intersections, that’s no excuse for being rude.

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