Postal Worker Arrested After Feeding Dogs Meatballs Filled With Nails

A U.S. Postal Service worker in Alabama is now facing felony charges after allegedly feeding dogs meatballs filled with nails along her mail route. Her motive behind the acts of animal cruelty are unknown – some speculate she did this for entertainment.

Susanna Burhans was arrested approximately two weeks after the Madison County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint. She had reportedly left a nail-filled meatball on the ground right as she dropped off the mail.

Susanna Dawn Burhans was arrested about two weeks after the discovery. (WHNT News 19)

Capt. Mike Salomosky with the Madison Country Sheriff’s Office investigated and found out there there could be many dogs along the route with nails in their digestive system.

“We gathered intelligence from the Postal Service and put everything together,” Salomonsky told in an interview.

The meatball’s diameter was about the same length as the nail. (Photo // WHNT News 19)

Some nails were smaller, which can be seen sticking out of this meatball cut in half. (Photo // WHNT News 19)

Ed Glover, a man along Burhan’s mail route, told WHNT News 19 that he had found a nail-filled meatball on the ground right under the mailbox. It was obvious that someone had left it there for some poor animal – the dogs being the target.

Glover had his suspicions – he took his dog, Missy, to the veterinarian to see if his pup was a victim of the heinous act. The x-ray revealed that Missy had in fact consumed multiple nails.

The x-ray shows that multiple nails were ingested by the dog. (Photo // WHNT News 19)

Susanna Burhans is now facing charges of animal abuse. Local residents can’t help but be thankful this woman is now behind bars.

This just shows the importance of being observant – you never know who’s going to do something like this.

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