Elementary School Custodian Breaks Into Tears After Getting THIS Surprise From Kids

In our too-hectic lives, it’s easy to overlook the people whose daily job is to make our lives a little bit easier. People who do all the things the rest of us take for granted.

There are so many unsung heroes out there. School crossing guards, janitors, truck drivers, and many others.

One of those unsung heroes is Mr. Patton, a custodian for at an elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee.

Patton job is to keep the school facility clean, but he has done a lot more than that. He’s also been a source of positivity for the young students. In return, the school teamed up with the Kleenex company to honor Patton for his caring dedication.

In the video below, a school administrator contacts Patton about a major spill in the gymnasium. He thought it was business as usual and rushed to clean the mess. But when he entered the gym, what he saw drove him to tears!

It’ so nice to see the school recognizing this hardworking man. Thank you for your great work Mr. Patton. Please share!

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