Creepy Old Man GRABS Toddler Next To Him In Checkout Line. But When Walks Out? OMG!

A little girl in Canada has been hailed a hero after she saved her 2-year-old sister from being abducted by an old man next to them in line at a local pharmacy.

According to police, the heroic girl first noticed the man eyeing her sister while they were all standing in line at a pharmacy in Aylmer, Ontario.

Suddenly, the stranger grabbed the little one and proceeded to walk out with her. But the protective big sister wasted no time running over to take hold of the toddler’s hand, as she screamed for help from the nearby employees.

image: Imgur

Authorities said: “Since their mother was so busy that day, the little girl made sure to pay extra attention to her 2-year-old sister, who was standing just a little too close to the suspicious man in the checkout line.”

After the chilling incident, police launched an immediate investigation to track down the dangerous and twisted man, who was later identified as 64-year-old Marinko Marijancevic.

Because of the brave girl’s courageous actions that day, the would-be kidnapper is now in jail.

H/T: Mommypage.

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