They Found 17 Freezers In His Living Room And What's Inside Will Leave You Lost For Words

During the holidays, much of our attention is drawn to the homeless who aren’t fortunate as others, and in the holiday spirit, countless donations in food, clothing and necessities are given to shelters and charities. However, its seems that the homeless become an after-thought to many once the New Year gets underway, leaving them in need once again.

This man, nicknamed “Sandwich Man”, believes that they shouldn’t be forgotten about. Allen Law, the man behind the donations of over 700,000 sandwiches and other items, has been working constantly for the benefit of the homeless. Since he was 11 years old, he has been driven to help others in need, and it shows as he delivers sandwiches and supplies to the homeless, every day in and day out.

Allen even said himself, “I’ll be on the streets every night for the rest of my life, period. Every night… I don’t [take] any days off… none.”

His dedication is apparent, as in his own living room, he has 17 freezers stocked with sandwich ingredients to ensure that as many sandwiches can be delivered as possible. With the help of 800 churches and civic groups, those sandwiches are made, and he delivers them.


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